Grow Youngstown is closed for business

November 30, 2016

Thank you for your support!


The Mission

To create a healthy, socially just, economically viable and inter-dependent local food system promoting the sustainable growth of food, forest, forage and fuel. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon imprint, raising local agricultural skills and resources in Youngstown and neighboring communities.

The Vision

We envision Youngstown as a model for food security that employs urban agriculture, waste reduction and resource re-use. As center of local and direct markets, small plot agricultural production and processing, citizens will find cottage industry scale and meaningful work opportunities. This return to our agricultural heritage as a means of strengthening our health and economic security will create opportunities for people of many generations, organizations, and cultures to build relationships and care for the environment.

Areas of Focus

Farm to You -- a community supported agriculture style market Edible Corridors -- an urban agriculture application for vacant land re-utilization at Ohio and Fairgreen and Erie and Williamson Prep & Preservation -- samplings, demonstrations, workshops and cooking classes